VIDEO: Wildlife Photographer 2017Lëtzebuergerin Eilo Elvinger am Portrait

D'Lëtzebuerger Fotografin Eilo Elvinger huet zu London bei de Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 vum Natural History Museum an enger Kategorie gewonn.

Portrait Eilo Elvinger (21.10.2017)
Bei de Wildlife Photography Awards zu London gouf déi Lëtzebuergesch Fotografin Eilo Elvinger mat engem Präis an der Kategorie Schwaarz a Wäiss ausgezeechent.

Dat fir eng Foto wou een d’Patten vun zwee Äisbieren gesäit. Mir hunn d'Fotografin bei hirem Hobby suivéiert.

Fotografen aus 92 Länner hunn am Ganzen 50.000 Fotoe erageschéckt. D'Eilo Elvinger huet an der Kategorie "Schwaarz-Wäiss" gewonn, fir hir No-Opnam vun Äisbieren.

Hei de Site vum Eilo Elvinger!

Eilo Elvinger:

From our ship, anchored in the icy waters off Svalbard, in Arctic Norway, I spotted a Polar bear and her two-year-old cub in the distance. When they became  aware of the ship they started drawing closer presumably driven by curiosity and certainly by hunger.Polar bears are known mainly as hunters, mainly of seals – they can smell prey from nearly a kilometre (0.6 miles) away and up to a metre (3 feet) under snow – but they are also opportunists. Nearing the ship, they were diverted to a patch of snow soaked in leakage from the vessel’s kitchen and began to lick it. I was ashamed of our contribution to the immaculate landscape and of how this influenced the bears’ behaviour Mirroring each other, with back legs pressed together (cub pictured right), they tasted the stained snow in synchrony. Such broad paws (up to 30 centimetres (12 inches) across) make fine swimming paddles and help the bears to tread on thin ice. Their impressive non-retractable claws (more than 5 centimetres (2 inches) long) act like ice picks for better grip. Mindful of the species’ shrinking habitat – climate change is reducing the Artic sea ice on which the bears depend – I framed her shot tightly, choosing black and white to reflect the pollution as a shadow cast on the pristine environment.

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