The four-man indie rock band from Terenure, Dublin, have been around since 2003 — and performed an intimate show for just 50-odd people in Dudelange.

As you may recall, RTL Today managed to score half of the available tickets to give away to our readers, and from what we've heard (and can clearly see above) they seem to have had a smashing time.

Given that the band normally play arena-sized venues rather than intimate clubs, this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime for those who were lucky enough to go. The Corona's last album ('Trust the Wire', 2017) reached number 1 in the charts, before which their second album ('Tony Was An Ex-Con', 2009) beat the likes of U2 and Snow Patrol to win the 2010 Meteor Award for best album.

If you want to taste some of the magic they delivered in Dudelange, check out the full concert video above - setlist below. Want  to see them live? Then you'll be thrilled to hear they're playing at this year's Fete de la Musique!


1. Heroes Or Ghosts

2. Reel Feel

3. Addicted To Progress

4. We Couldn't Fake It

5. Never Ending

6. The Long Way

7. Get Loose

8. All The Others

9. Find The Water

10. What A Love

11. Give Me A Minute

12. Close To You

13. Just Like That

The Coronas are

Danny O'Reilly

David McPhillips

Conor Egan

Graham Knox

Session musician Johnny McSharry

Tech/TM Terry McGuinness

FOH Engineer Darren Clarke

Mixed by Darren Clarke

Video credits: Recorded live at CCRD opderschmelz, Dudelange (L) 28 May 2019. House sound & recording by Boris Thome Lights by Stephan 'Sigi' Sikora. Cameras by Tom Gatti & Pascal Useldinger. Thank you to the ODS team.

Published by BigLife

Label So Far So Good Records