Labor law: work contracts (C3003)

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  • Distinguish between the various types of work contracts: CDD, CDI and others.
  • Be able to prepare a CDD and CDI work contract.
  • Understand all the rules in the area of CDD temporary contracts and other temporary employment contracts.
  • Master the rules relating to trial periods.
  • Know how to manage the various events that could arise during contract periods, such as modifications, illness and other events.
  • Master the procedures and consequences of lay-offs and resignations, to include reasons, disputes, process and unemployment.
  • Understand the reasons for automatic suspension of contracts: retirement, bankruptcy, long-term illnesses and others.


  • Presentation. Introduction. Definition of a work contract.
  • Fixed-term work contracts.
  • Temporary work relationships. Concluding work contracts: content.
  • Trial periods.
  • Changes of terms of work. Liability with regard to company risks.
  • Employee illnesses.
  • Dismissal with advance notice.
  • Dismissal on serious grounds. Collective layoffs.
  • Resignations. Other reasons for suspending work contracts.
  • Obligations of parties after suspension of work relationships. General review.
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