Leaving of a staff member (Personnel Administration Module 3)

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Start: 23/10/2020


This seminar give participants a practical overview on the procedures and formalities involved in the case a staff member leaves the company.


  • End of contract for a limited period
  • Resignation of a staff member
    • During the trial period
    • After the trial period
  • Death of a staff member
  • Retirement of a staff member
  • Dismissal of a staff member
    • Dismissal procedure for companies employing less than 150 people
    • Dismissal procedure for companies employing 150 people or more
    • Dismissal during trial period
    • Dismissal for real and serious motives
    • Dismissal for gross misconduct (faute grave)
    • Dismissal for economic reasons
    • Obligations to negotiate a social plan
  • Formalities in relation to the leaving of the staff member
    • "Solde de tout compte"
    • Work certificate
    • References
    • "Déclaration patronale" and Form E 301
    • Communication to other staff members
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