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Online säit: 06/11/19

Description des tâches:
• Establish and carry out, for each audit engagement, a risk and control working programme including a test plan
• Adequately document the field work carried out in the form of interviews and review of documentation
• Ensure a clear description and solid documentation of test results
• Debrief on the test results with the persons responsible for the activities audited
• Issue a written report for each internal audit assignment, after collection and analysis of the comments of the persons responsible for the activities audited, on the various points raised
• Follow-up on the recommendations made
• Contribute to establishing reliable reports required in the context of reporting on audit activities to Management and Audit Committee
• Carry out ancillary audit tasks allocated to him or her from time to time e.g. audit confirmations

Niveau d'étude demandé egal Master (Bac+5)
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