Première fir den André Jeitz. Zënter dem 10. Mee stellt de Lëtzebuerger Kënschtler zu Houston am Texas aus.

D'Expo "Four Seasons" leeft nach bis den 31. Juli an der Galerie „La Colombe d’Or Art Gallery“ an der US-Groussstad.

André Jeitz - Eng kleng Bio

There are three types of people: Dreamers, Thinkers and Doers. André is definitely the latter. So, it comes as no surprise that while his classmates painted one small canvas, he created ten 7 foot paintings. In these earliest works, André launched into exploring and experimenting with texture and color.  At the tender age of fourteen, his works were displayed for the first time at the renowned Grand Theater of Luxembourg.  André‘s palette is imbued with rich hues and his canvases with engaging character.

He received his education in art at The Royal Academy of Art, Liège, Belgium as well as the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels, Belgium. André has received awards for his artwork from the European Art Exhibition held in Strasbourg, France and the European Academy of Arts. His paintings have been exhibited and placed in private collections in a multitude of cities within the countries of Belgium, France, Germany, and Luxembourg. This exhibition at La Colombe d’Or Gallery’s Montrose location is his debut in America.

André Jeitz was born in 1954 in Luxembourg where he currently lives and works.

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