Den 22 Joer ale Pit Leyder huet decidéiert, dass hien an Zukunft net méi professionell Vëlofuere wäert.

Am Joer 2016 ass de Pit Leyder bei d'Ekipp Leopard Pro Cycling komm, dat nodeems hie mat gudde Resultater op sech opmierksam gemaach huet. Ënnert anerem war hien 2015 bei de Weltmeeschterschafte vun de Junioren zu Richmond 10. ginn.

An engem Communiqué vu Leopard Pro Cycling heescht et, datt den 22 Joer ale Cyclist en anere Wee wéilt aschloen, hie wéilt net esou weiderliewen an der Zukunft, gëtt de Sportler zitéiert.

Zulescht war hie Stagiaire bei der franséischer pro-kontinental Ekipp Cofidis.

De Communiqué vu Leopard


Pit Leyder stops his cycling career. After a succesful four years in the Leopard Pro Cycling outfit and a recent traineeship at Team Cofidis, the 22-year-old calls it quits and choose another path than a cycling career. "I don't want to live this way anymore in the future."

In June 2016, Pit Leyder joined Leopard Pro Cycling after very promising results one season earlier. After all, the young Luxembourger ended a great 2015 with position ten at the Juniors World Championships in Richmond. At Leopard, Pit regularly showed his potential, for example at the U23 Tour of Flanders (ninth and fourth), the Games of the Small States (first), the Flèche Ardennaise (sixth) and the U23 European Championships (tenth). We also look back to a great 2018 season, when Pit finished eighth in the Flèche du Sud before surprising everyone at the Tour de Luxembourg by finishing third overall and taking the best young riders jersey. Also in 2019, Pit was very strong in front of the home crowd, finishing third on the closing stage of the Tour de Luxembourg. All was rewarded with a recent traineeship at the French Team Cofidis side with the intention to continue in 2020. However, Pit has decided to stop his career immediately.

"In the past years, I was lucky enough to pursue my dream live my life as a cyclist. This brought me both happiness and satisfaction, yet I don't want to live this way anymore in the future. Cycling has given me so much an taught me a lot about life. I've always had the best opportunities in the sport and the best environment to do what I liked best. Friendships were built and that's what I will cherish for a lifetime. I feel deeply grateful for the huge support I've got in the past years. I want to thank everyone at the Luxembourgish Cycling Federation, at VC Diekirch, at Leopard Pro Cycling and also at Team Cofidis for the last weeks, months and years. I am very much looking forward to the next chapter in life."

Pit Leyder

"Of course Pit's decision is a big surprise for us, especially when you are so close to making the next big step in your career. We are looking back to a very nice and succesful time with Pit as a sportsmen and as a human. Only he can decide what is best for him and there is no other way than to accept his choice. We wish Pit all the best for his future."

Markus Zingen
Team Manager Leopard Pro Cycling