De Sören Nissen war dee beschte Mountainbiker, dee Lëtzebuerg jee hat. Elo huet hien decidéiert, de Vëlo un den Nol ze hänken.

Domadder geet eng grouss national, awer och international Karriär op een Enn. Mat 38 Joer huet de Sören Nissen elo decidéiert, datt et mam Héichleeschtungssport eriwwer ass. Hien huet fir sech gemierkt, datt et an deem Alter schwéier ass, nach an der Weltspëtzt matzefueren.

"Ech wollt einfach ëmmer dat Bescht ginn. Ech sinn elo nach ëmmer op engem héijen Niveau, awer net, wéi ech dat gewinnt war. Dofir hunn ech elo Decisioun geholl, datt muss Schluss sinn."

An de leschte Joren huet de Sören Nissen sech virun allem op Mountainbike-Etappecoursse spezialiséiert. 2014, 2015 an 2016 huet hien awer och allkéiers eng Weltcup-Course an der Belsch gewonnen. Virun allem un d'Victoire vun 2015 erënnert hie sech gären zeréck.

"Do hunn ech virum Sven Nijs gewonnen. Hie war deemools den absolutte Rockstar,  jo Superstar am Mountainbike an awer och am Cyclocross. Fir mech war deen Dag einfach immens an ech erënnere mech nach drun, wéi wann et gëschter gewiescht wier."

Éier de Sören Nissen bei de Mountainbike eriwwer gewiesselt ass, huet hie probéiert bei enger grousser Stroossenekipp ee Kontrakt ze kréien. Dat huet awer net geklappt.

"Mäin eenzegt Zil war et, fir Profi op der Strooss ze ginn. Ech hunn dofir alles gemaach an ech sinn och gutt gefuer. Ech hunn och e puer gutt Victoiren. Am Tour duerch d'Slowakei hunn ech eng Etapp gewonnen. Iergendwéi huet et awer net geklappt. Dat war fir mech ganz schwéier, datt et net esou gaangen ass, wéi ech et wollt."

De Sören Nissen weess nach net, ob hien an enger gewëssener Weis dem Sport erhale bleift, oder net. Den Ament ass de Vëlo awer emol keen Thema.

Sören Nissen seet Äddi

Hi all,

Hope you are doing great out there!

After 25 years of cycling, the majority of my lifetime, it is time to call it a day!

After a long time of consideration I finally made this choice. It both scares me a bit and makes me very sad, but nevertheless I am sure that this is now the right moment to make the cut.

2022 is my last year as a professional mountain bike cyclist.

I started cycling back in 1998` together with my best childhood friend in our local club. What I did not know at that time was that this would be the start of something big: THE RIDE of my life, you can sayJ. In the beginning I gave everything for road cycling after being inspired by the big stars back in the end of the 90`s. Marco Pantani, Jan Ullrich and Lance Armstrong were the top guys and my biggest idols. I spent more than 13 years chasing the dream to become the next star in road cycling. I did my best and also had some good results. The stage win in the “Tour of Slovakia” is one of these results which is still settled clear in my mind. I started out racing on Continental teams in Luxembourg and later in Italy. This made me see and experience so much around the world.

However the last few good results that could have taken me further in my career as a road cyclist were still missing. After the 2009 season I made the decision to stop following that road dream. I moved back to Denmark, took a “normal” daytime job and thought this was the end of my cycling story.

Until the day in 2011 where I started by coincidence with Mountain biking, first of all in order to keep fit. Very soon results started to come and the “hunger” for more was released. That is why I decided to start chasing the dream (againJ) for the 2nd time.

Looking back now, that was the best decision of my life! It did not take me a long time to figure out that I had to get away from Denmark (again) in order to follow this goal. I moved back to Luxembourg by the end of 2011. I used all my contacts in the cycling world and with a lot of luck I ended up in the Italian UCI MTB team “Corratec Elettroveneta”. During my 2 years’ stay in Italy I got the possibility to race all the world’s biggest Mountain bike Marathon events. I learned everything about the mountain bike world and also realised that there were different options on how to work with sponsors. From the 2014 season on, I “cut out” the “team idea” and started to organise my setup all by myself. Definitely the best decision I ever made to be more flexible in choosing only those races fitting me best!! Since 2018 I have been representing my new country Luxembourg in sports competitions. This opportunity also opened many new doors for me as an athlete.

I have had 11 great years in the mountain bike sport while focussing mainly on the long distance marathon races. The sport got me all around the world. This a few timesJ. For the ones who care about statistics, I won:

  • 10 national champion titles in the 3 main off-road disciplines (XCM, XC, CX) (2 titles in Denmark and 8 titles in Luxembourg).
  • 4 UCI XCM World Series races.
  • Overall classifications and stage wins in some of the biggest MTB stage race events around the world (Swiss Epic, Brazil Ride, Belgian Mountainbike Challenge, Crocodile Trophy, Vuelta Ibiza, La Santa Lanzarote, Samarathon). Unfortunately I never had big luck at the Cape Epic as this race never went my way. The same counts for the BIG championships, where my best results remain a 10th place at the European Championship and a 12th place at the World Championships.
  • Close to a 100 wins over the years in races taking place all over the world: Costa Rica, Iceland, Israel, America, Australia, Africa, Brazil and Mexico, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands (just to mention a few).

A funny fact that would count for the downside of my years in cycling: “I calculated that I must have spent nearly two years of my life living in hotels around the world”.

I have to admit that it is a very strange feeling to end my career after so many years of cycling on a top level. Many people did already ask me if they will see me in the “master’s category” for the years to come. The answer is NO! For me competition was always about reaching my best possible level of performance, trying to be the best and to compete in order to win. I cannot remember many races in MTB where I was not listed as one of the favourites before the race. That was the way I liked it because only in this way I was sure to be on the right track in my career. Before every start I used to go through the different options and tactics, this ALWAYS with the aim to win.

I turned 38 years this month and I have to admit that the “engine” is not the same anymore as it used to be. I guess that this is just normal and that your body in its late 30`s is no longer “sharp” enough to perform on this level. I don’t like the fact that I cannot expect to race in the front of every event anymore. I loved to be on top of things and to control all while racing. Just being “part” of the game was never enough for me. That is also the reason why I can tell that I definitely never will show up again in the master’s statistics. –You got to know your time of visit! (Old Danish wise). You might see me at some future events but this time as the guy to fire the start gun! J

I did well and gave it my best! Therefore I am also sure that this now is the best decision for me!

A very special thanks goes to Stevens Bikes from Hamburg. These guys have been standing by my side as a main sponsor during almost 10 years of mountain biking. They have always respected my way of working and trusted me taking care of everything myself! Thanks guys, you`re the best!!

To all the rest of you: riders (thanks for the fight!), sponsors, family and all the people I have met on my road. - Thank you all for these amazing years, it has been a great journey!

And If I could, I would for sure do it all again! (Maybe I would have jumped straight on the Mountain bike, but it is always easier to have regrets afterwards J)

So what`s up next? I got a few ideas and plans for the future on how to move on. People who know me well, also know that I am not the type of guy to sit around and watch the trees grow.

Boys and Girls – That`s all for now!

Thanks for everything!!! See you around!!

Ciao Søren