Vum Pierre Joris, Batty Weber Präis Laureat 2020

Fox-trails, -tales & -trots takes us to Luxembourg and New York on the trail of Renert and other foxes. Mirroring healing and writing, hunting and translating, Pierre Joris explores the meanings of identity, migration, language and literary creation in this assemblage of essayistic and poetic texts.

The author: While raised in Luxembourg, Pierre Joris has moved between Europe, the US and North Africa for over half a century now, publishing more than 60 books of poetry, essays, translations and anthologies. When not on the road, he lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, with his wife, multimedia practicienne Nicole Peyrafitte.

Fox-trails, -tales & -trots

ISBN: 978-99959-998-5-8 
Editors: Black Fountain Press
Cover art: Nicole Peyrafitte
Cover design & page layout: Vidale-Gloesener