Déi jonk Musekerin huet domadder en "Artist Package" gewonnen, mat ënner anerem engem professionellen Enregistrement an engem Museksvideo.

Géint 20 aner Museker a Bands konnt sech d'Emily Grogan duerchsetzen an d'Jury vu sech iwwerzeegen. Déi alternativ-indie Artistin hat dem Jury no d'Thema "I want to break free" mat hirer originaler an authentescher Interpretatioun an hiren Texter ëmgesat.

De Communiqué

The 4th edition of the Screaming Fields Song Contest, organized by Rocklab, was met with incredible enthusiasm by young local up-and-coming songwriters, MCs  and  producers. Aiming to give local musicians between 12 and 25 years the chance to showcase their talent, this edition was based on the theme “I want to break free” and the grand prize was an “Artist Package” comprised of a professional recording, a matching videoclip and more! 

The jury was composed of contest partners, artists and people active in the local scene (Karma Catena - C'est Karma, Lata Gouveia - The Grund Club, Carole Kremer - Film Fund Luxembourg, Ema Macara - ÆM, Marc Nickts - Sacem Luxembourg, Chris Reuter -Eldoradio), and was supported by local music journalists.

Out of the 20 candidates that qualified, Emily Grogan managed to win over the jury with her original and authentic interpretation and lyrics which revealed a pure and intimate approach of the theme “I want to break free”. She’d describe herself as an alternative-indie artist.

“I’m so grateful for this and can’t wait to get into the studio! Recording my own music has been a dream of mine since I was 9, when I started writing my own songs. I feel really inspired and so happy that I won!”

As a winner of an Artist Package offered by the partners of the Song Contest (Ministère de la Culture, Film Fund Luxembourg, Sacem Luxembourg, Jonk Entrepreneuren, Eldoradio, The Grund Club Luxembourg) and put together by Rocklab, Emily Grogan will be able to record her music with the help of a local producer and shoot a music video in collaboration with a local director. Finally, her song will be broadcast on local radio stations and released during a live performance at Rockhal. 

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