D'Buch wat dëse Juni 2023 erauskoum ass vum Mike McQuaide geschriwwen a schonn dat zweet Buch vum Auteur.

Ernster: Buch vum Mount - Juni 2023

" Moien, ech sinn de Mike McQuaide. I’m the author of "An American in Luxembourg." For the month of June, I'm going to present to you my new book, "An American Still in Luxembourg."  
“An American STILL in Luxembourg” is my second book about my life here in the Grand Duchy. The first one came out in 2017, and like that book, “STILL in Luxembourg” is made up of short, humorous essays and stories about living in Luxembourg.

I’ve been here for over 10 years now—thus the STILL in the title—and I’m what I would call a veteran Luxembourger—someone who’s made Luxembourg their home and tried to integrate the best they can. But y’know, having spent the first 50 years of my life in America and not really having traveled very much (nor ever learned a second language), I’m always going to be a bit of a fish out of water here. And therein lies the opportunities for humor and fun stories.

In this book, I detail my efforts to pass the Lëtzebuergesch Sproochentest and become a Luxembourg citizen; there’s a story about the time I tried to teach some Luxembourgish high school kids how to play American football. There’s one about how during the first COVID lockdown when all the city parks were closed, the ducks at Park Merl realized they no longer needed to fly to avoid pesky humans, so they walked everywhere. They pretty much turned into penguins.

At the same time, since I’m a 10-year veteran of Luxembourg who’s spent a lot of time exploring the country by bicycle, I know a fair bit about the Grand Duchy. There’s a story in the book that details the “One Man, One Country, One Day” video series I hosted for the Tourism Ministry a couple years ago. (You may have seen the promos for that on the tram.) In my telling of that tale, we travel throughout each of Luxembourg’s tourist regions and I give a bit of history, as well as my personal impressions so that readers can get a feel for the entire country.

Like my An American in Luxembourg social media accounts, this book is very visual with lots of my photos and fun graphics by the super-talented Lydie Develter, who also designed the first book. So, it’s got a similar feel.  
An American STILL in Luxembourg was graciously published by Editions Ernster, and is available in all Ernster bookstores and many other places as well. 
Vill Spaass bei mengem Buch! Äddi, ciao, tipptopp! "

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